Ways to earn extra income for stay-at-home mums

How to make extra money

Being a mum has to be the best and most privileged thing to happen to any woman. As a mum of two myself I love my kids and I know I would do anything to make them happy even if it means looking for extra sources of income (don’t tell them I said that though).  Seriously, I wouldn’t exchange my kids for anything and I am sure that many of you mums out there feel exactly the same way. 


This protective, maternal instinct is part of what made me decide to join Empower Network in order to explore the option of working from home and to  generate a steady stream of extra income so that I can be a more relevant part of my kids’ lives as they grow up.  My two are becoming fairly independent as both are now over 10 years old, but they are getting closer to discussions about university, careers etc.  With the startling increase in tuition fees for universities, I’m sure you will agree that we could all use the extra cash to meet those highly important emerging needs.

Although I have not yet made enough income to work from home full-time; having only been an affiliate for less than two months, I am fully confident that I will achieve my ultimate goal and make my dreams a reality.  I work as part of a fantastic network team of leaders who are dominating the online marketing business so I know it’s just a matter of time before I join them on the leader boards.

So my question to all the mums out there is, “how would you like to be independent, earn regular self-generated “income”, spend more time with your family/children and effectively fire your boss if and when you choose?”  

Last week, one of my business partners; a stay-at-home mum of two earned $4825 income over 5 days on autopilot while she was on holiday in a place that was so remote it had NO internet connection or phone signal.


Please note that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and it will require some  dedication and a hunger for success. This stay-at-home mum achieved this income by following 3 simple steps. If you reckon you could do with some extra income  then click below to enter your best email and find out how



Internet Marketing – How to use key words to generate leads

Internet Marketing

Every internet marketer‘s goal is not just to make money online, but to do so in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.  To achieve this the main ingredient for succeeding at internet marketing is the ability to generate good quality leads and prospects by getting your website to achieve high ranking on the internet.

Therefore some of the questions on the mind of any one who wants to be successful in online marketing is “where do I search for good quality leads?” and “how can I get my website(s) ranking to be higher than the competition?”

 Internet marketing

This free training video will show you how this guy got 14,000 leads in 8 months by using a scientific key word research secret that yields first page Google ranking every time.

After only 16 minutes into this video you will discover this guy’s 100% FREE keyword research tool that tells you if a keyword will Make You Money or Not BEFORE you even start “marketing”

He shows you LIVE how he picks winning keywords in his search over and over again to Rake in 100+ Leads PER DAY for FREE on autopilot (and how you can too!)

By the time you’ve gone through the video you will know the #1 deadliest mistake 99% of marketers make that ensures you NEVER get Ranking on Google (he’ll show you how to avoid this pitfall from the get-go)

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Prospecting – Top 10 tips for getting prospects on the internet

Just found something very RARE!

A top income earner is giving up the goods on some of his most POWERFUL TACTICS for prospecting in a totally FREE no-pitch webinar…

He talks about the huge difference between the hustlers (do-ers) of the world, and the hopers. One of the things I really liked about this webinar was that this was a real guy, just telling it like it is. prospects

He’s truly giving up some incredible information here that you cannot get FREE anywhere else. These are his Top 10 Prospecting Tips…and basically they’re all simple for anyone to use, but HOLY COW are they hard-hitting!!…

Like TACTIC #4 which is by far one of the most CLEVER ways I’ve ever heard of for getting at least 15+ leads each day, using an item that you’ve probably got in your desk drawer right now…

I’ve got to say that almost EVERY single one was new to me, and EVERY one was something that I CAN do. Yes even me 🙂

I got a ton of value from this, so just wanted to share with everyone who’s with me and wants to start pulling in tons of fresh “right-now” leads and prospects every single day of the week…and stop making excuses of why we can’t get leads. I don’t think there are any excuses now 😦

Go check out this webinar. I guarantee you’ll come away with at least 5 tactics that you’ll start using.prospects

Take TACTIC #9 for example…where he shows you how to have Google literally send you names and info on prospects in your area without using any sort of paid advertising (no this isn’t Google Adwords)…

All 10 tactics are stuff that WILL have you pulling in new FRESH prospects…like RIGHT NOW!!

So if you want more highly targeted leads…real, fresh, and warm bodies…to introduce your business to… then you’ve got to go watch this webinar right now…